Sheikh Husaini Yusuf Mabera 

He is the Chief Coordinator, Center for Islamic Propagation and Comparative Religious Education,  North-Western States, Nigeria. He has published several books on Comparative Religion including:

(1) Allah is the Creator, being a rejoinder to the book titled; WHO IS THIS ALLAH? by GJO MOSHAY. 
(2) Anatomy of the Qur'an; Facts or Fallacy? A rejoinder to GJO Moshay. 
(3) The Teachings of Jesus on the five pillars of Islam 
(4) The bible says Jesus Christ is not God 
(5) Is Jesus Christ the personal Lord and Saviour of the World? 
(6) Prophet Muhammad  ( S A W ) in the bible 
(7) Is Jesus Christ Son of God? 
(8) Jesus Christ in the Qur'an and Bible 
(9) An open letter to Mr. President on Islamic Shari'ah in the Bible and the fallacy of the Nigerian Constitution 
(10)  One Hundred Facts in the Bible on why Jesus Did Not Die on the Cross. 
(11)  The Synopsis of the Bible and the Dogma of Trinity 
(12)  Who are the true believers in Jesus Christ; Muslims or Christians?
 (13) Islamic banking and Shari'ah law in the Bible 

Ustaz Aliyu Musa

Ustaz Aliyu Musa  is an indigene of Sokoto State who was brought up in Zuru Local government of Kebbi State Nigeria. He inherited his peaceful preaching style from his father Malam Musa,  a farmer and businessman in Kebbi state.

ALIYU was among the first set of students of comparative religious education trained by Sheikh Husaini Yusuf Mabera in the year 2005 and he graduated with The highest Upper credit. He is a full-time Islamic evangelist that specializes in organizing Capacity Building on Effective Da'awah, He has been representing Sheikh Husaini Yusuf Mabera within and outside Sokoto.

He is the -coordinator of the Nigeria Interfaith Dialogue and Peace Volunteers.
Musa ALIYU is currently a head Lecturer at the International University of Languages Sokoto, Monitoring and Evaluation officer at Brilliant footsteps Int'l academy Sokoto, Head of Training and Da'awah at the center for Islamic propagation and comparative religious education.
He is the author of many Islamic books such as:
1) Christ Vs Anti Christ.
2) Who Really Breaks the Ten Commandments?  Muslims or Christians
3) The symbol of unity between Muslims and Christians

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